A Full Range of Services

IDS Interactive offers a wide range of services to fulfill our clients’ development needs. These include website design, programming, content development, video production, search and social media, and online and offline marketing. We also help our clients approach the Internet strategically so that their website becomes a powerful and highly productive part of their business. And we can help arrange financing to get worthwhile projects off the ground.

Website design: Graphic design is important, but more important is creating great user experiences that help visitors get things done in a satisfying way.

Technology development: Empowering visitors to do things separates the web from all other media. With technology, almost anything is possible, from implementing the simplest open-source solutions to building complete custom applications to modernize your business, or re-create it entirely.

WordPress: WordPress has become the standard for easy-to-use, yet sophisticated content management. Plus, SEO tools, social integration, media management and so much more are already built-in.

Drupal: For more serious content management, including fine-grained handling of data, Drupal has emerged as the answer. Powerful and robust, widely developed, customizable on every level, talk to us to see if Drupal is the solution for you.

E-business consulting: We bring ideas to the table, based on your business goals and what’s working online today. In fact, we can help you discover opportunities you already have for online success, and unveil possibilities you haven’t considered.

Video for Web: Today, visitors expect video content on websites. Visual demonstrations are often much more easily understood and better retained. Use video to engage, inform, and motivate your visitors. We can show you how.

Content development: We can help you create content that speaks to your visitors on their terms, and motivates them to act, including articles, press releases, blog posts, pod casts and photography.

Online marketing: Promote your site utilizing all the online tools: search, social, blogs, mobile, advertising, remarketing and more.

Offline marketing: Extend your brand beyond the web to bring people to your site with print collateral, direct mail, print advertising, trade show booths, and whatever else can be used carry your message in the physical world.

Hosting: Never deal with a hosting company again. We’ll do it all for you, including email, backups and databases.