Helping Companies Do Business Online

IDS Interactive, Inc. is an award-winning Internet and digital media development firm that creates effective web-based solutions and digital content to help companies and organizations bring business processes online, enter new markets, increase visibility, interact with customers and partners, communicate more effectively, and increase the bottom line. Through compelling design, intelligent technology and incisive strategy IDS transforms traditional organizations into modern e-businesses.

Our Purpose

Modern businesses are faced with a host of new challenges. At the same time, the Internet offers a multitude of powerful and ever-changing tools for connection, engagement and interaction. Helping our clients understand and utilize these technologies to attain their goals is the purpose of IDS Interactive.

Our Approach

Based in Long Island, New York, IDS Interactive creates, implements and manages web-based strategies to help companies and organizations do business online. We leverage Internet technologies and methods with a strategic approach to create a platform for profitability and long-term success for our clients. We offer a comprehensive range of products including content systems, commerce systems, custom application development, systems integration, search and social media optimization, content development, video production, branding and design, and online/offline marketing.

How We Work

IDS Interactive provides depth of experience, flexibility and personalized service to its clients. Serving as both consultant and developer, our resources includes highly skilled graphic design, technology, content development, marketing¬†and project management specialists. We form teams specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each client. This results in customized, cost-effective solutions, implemented strategically to accomplish our clients’ goals. As clients’ needs evolve into new phases of development, teams are realigned accordingly to meet those needs.

IDS Interactive also excels in service. Web development requires expert project management and reliable communications between client and developer. IDS Interactive provides the responsive service and attention to detail that turns web development projects into highly satisfying experiences for our clients.

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