Strategy and e-Business Consulting

Our consulting service helps businesses discover opportunities for success online by examining their present resources and methods and identifying areas where Internet technologies can pay off.

Business Analysis – How do you operate now? Who are your customers? What are their needs? How do they engage you for goods or services? How do you develop new business? Are you limited by geography? Will your processes work if scaled?

Goals Assessment – What areas of the business are underperforming right now? If costs and time were not issues, what direction would you take the business in? What bottlenecks exist in existing processes and systems? What challenges are you facing internally or in your market that need to be overcome?

Competitive Analysis – What is the competition doing that you should be doing? What can we learn from their strengths and weaknesses? Are there needs in your market that are not yet being serviced or that can be serviced better?

Needs Analysis – What steps are necessary to go from where you are now to where you want to be? Can these steps be turned into priorities? Can a phased plan be developed and implemented over time?

Technical Specifications – What back-office systems, applications, and databases are currently in use? What systems need to be enhanced or created? Can your systems be bridged to communicate with systems of suppliers or buyers?

Design Consultation – Establishing the brand online includes integrating with existing marketing efforts. Are you satisfied with your current identity and branding? What can be done to better express the company’s value and connect with markets? What elements of the web design can be brought over to print collateral, advertising, or other offline marketing efforts?

Usability Testing – Has user testing of web-based systems ever been conducted? Can we refine the user experience by observing website visitors? Are customers happy or frustrated when engaging with you online?


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