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Extending Your Reach

Online and Offline Marketing

With a modern, fully functional site as the hub you are now ready to bring in new business by positioning your site where your prospects are and giving them everything they need to make a buying decision and act on it. Website marketing usually encompasses several of the following:

  • Online Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media
    • Email Campaigns
    • Online Advertising
    • Content Marketing
  • Offline Marketing
    • Print Ad Design
    • Collateral Goods
    • Trade Show Booths
    • Direct Mail
    • Case Study

Spokes radiating out from your site can include online services such as search engines, email and social media, as well as traditional offline methods such as direct mail, advertising and trade shows. Whatever the means, the goal is to connect with people who need what you’re offering and bring them to your site, where you have complete control of the experience, to demonstrate to them how you can solve their problem.

Online Marketing

Online marketing uses the Internet to promote your site, and can provide remarkable results. We’ll help you develop a plan that integrates online tools into your marketing strategy with your site as the hub and then reaching out through suitable venues to bring visitors to you. Elements of online marketing include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • YouTube Video Placement
  • Branded Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Google AdWords
  • Content Marketing Using Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Banner Advertising

IDS SmartSocial is our integrated social marketing program. We’ll help you create and manage a network of social media activity and implement a coordinated content placement plan that includes the most important services such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others that are suited for your business. Confused about the fast-changing world of social media? We’ll simplify things for you and create and workflow that’s right for you. Click to learn more about IDS SmartSocial.

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Offline Marketing

One goal of marketing is to draw people to your website where you have complete control of the experience, and your full story can be told. With the website at the center we can use numerous traditional methods to attract visitors. Print budgets can even be augmented, sending smaller pieces to more people to reach a wider audience with your offer. And because the design effort began with the website, collateral goods can be coordinated to present a unified theme and message across all fronts.

IDS has extensive experience in the world of offline marketing, including:

  • Direct Mail Design and Management
  • Ad Design and Placement
  • Collateral Goods, including business cards, letterhead, slip sheets, promotional products and more.
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Kiosk Development
  • PowerPoint Templates and Presentations

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Case Study: Offline Campaign

To see an example of a complete offline campaign designed and implemented by IDS Interactive, including print newsletter, direct mail post cards, trade press advertising, trade show graphics and kiosk, click here.

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