Digital Media and Video

Video for Web, DVD, and Broadcast

HighMark Video is the video service of IDS Interactive.

Today, web users are expecting video content on websites. Video is especially useful for product demonstrations and how-to instruction. Visual presentations are often much easier to understand and the information is much better retained. Add to this the ubiquity of smartphones, and video becomes more important every day.

This increasing demand presents an opportunity for businesses. It is now possible to use video to communicate things that website visitors typically find inconvenient, ineffective, or too time-consuming to grasp by reading. These include understanding complex processes, product demonstrations, trade show presentations, training, and more.

Opportunities also exist for using legacy video, usually produced in tape formats. Such video may still be useful and can be digitized and repurposed for web or DVD delivery.

IDS Interactive can deliver video in all popular web and smartphone formats, as well as DVD, Blu-Ray, and video for broadcast.

IDS provides the following video services:

  • Video editing
  • Interactive DVD/Blu-Ray authoring
  • Preparation of legacy video for web delivery
  • Video compression
  • Analog (tape) to digital conversion
  • Video production, including on-site video recording

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