Google vs Auto-Play

Google, in its ongoing work to define the web according to its vision, will soon block auto-play video in its Chrome browser. This new step, along with many others that Google has taken to reward websites that comply with its view of how the web should work, is actually a good thing for users. Auto-play video is a terribly annoying marketing technique, used to get in peoples’ faces with a message. Deemed a ‘win’ by marketers, it makes for a lousy user experience, especially when visitors are chased around a page by a non-stop video while scrolling. Blocking these techniques, along with providing sites with higher rankings for incorporating features like fresh content, responsive (mobile friendly) design, and https (for greater security), results in a better web for everyone. We just wonder whether one company having that much influence over the web is desirable. In any event, websites that use auto-play video should become familiar with the way Google plans to implement this new policy, detailed in the following article, and adapt accordingly.

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