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Facebook’s Emergence as a Video Platform

Social phenomenon Facebook is now climbing the ladder as a video delivery service, according to a recent article on ClickZ:

“As traffic to Facebook continues to grow, the social network is beginning to emerge as an important stakeholder in the online video space. According to online measurement firm comScore, the number of users viewing video on the site has been growing consistently over the past twelve months, and it could end the year with the second greatest reach of all online video providers in the U.S., second only to YouTube owner Google.

Data from comScore’s Video Metrix service suggests the number of unique U.S. users viewing video content on Facebook has grown from 13.3 million in April 2009 to 41.3 million in April 2010, representing year-over-year growth of almost 211 percent.”

One of the disruptive effects of Facebook is that people are using the service instead of other websites they’ve typically used in the past for functions such as email, IM, photo sharing, and now video sharing. FB’s next step is to find a way to “monetize” this activity.

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Email Marketing Tips

Are you using email in your marketing mix? Email may not be the darling of today’s marketers, with Facebook, Twitter, et al. getting all the buzz. But the fact is, people use email every day, and if they subscribe to receive your messages, email continues to be a very effective tool to acquire and serve customers. Of course, there are techniques and best practices that can learn to help you get max results, which is where the ClickZ article below comes in. Shape up your email efforts and you’ll start getting better results. Then we can start talking about social media again.

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