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Graphic Design Insights

Graphic design. Almost everyone wants to do it. And with a laptop and a design program almost anyone can. But is it good? The fact is, design is such an important part of almost everything we do, from planning your day to putting on an event, to writing software. Designers will tell you design is about solving problems. It’s the result of thoughtful consideration of purposes, audiences, tools and constraints.

Here’s a thoughtful interview with someone who’s designed hundreds of movie titles, that provides insights and reveals some of the subtleties of the craft.

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Want Better Google Rankings? Make Your Site Faster

Website load time is part of Google’s criteria for ranking sites. This is one of the things within your control to help you gain visibility in search engines. A few others are responsive (mobile friendly) design, publishing ongoing, useful content, and optimizing pages for the right keywords. For now, let’s look at some things you can do to speed up your site …

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Instagram’s New Business Tools

We’ve seen marketing steadily make the move to digital since the first banners ads appeared on websites in the 1990s. Newspapers, and especially classified ads, were the first to feel the full impact of the changes brought about by digital marketing and its inherent characteristics of interactivity, data capture, and with Google AdWords, search-based advertising. Today, TV, which is currently the number one advertising medium in terms of dollars spent, is seeing it’s growth steadily decline, especially as the move to mobile advertising follows the exploding growth of the use of those devices. In fact, analysts expect TV to lose the top spot by 2019.

Last week, Instagram became the latest social network to offer tools for business as part of its service. Budgets for online advertising are growing and it’s time for companies of all sizes to begin to understand which digital marketing options are available so they can choose and implement them effectively. The move to digital is on. See you on Instagram?

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How the Internet is Further Concentrating the Wealth of the World

The internet has been the great disrupter for over 20 years now. But the greatest effects of the worldwide network we’ve come to depend on are yet to be seen. This article points to one — and it’s a big one. In the borderless world that the tech companies have created — a virtual, but no less real one — is a new economy being built by lives that are lived on devices. And this economy is funneling real money in ways that we may not have expected or want. Check out how the success of Pokemon Go illustrates some economic realities that we’re dealing with today.

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