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25 Decade-Shaping Technologies

This presentation from eWeek documents 25 key technologies that quickly became mainstream during the last ten years, reshaping our lives in the process. As you view the list you’ll likely recall how you first heard about, and then started using many of them. What’s interesting is that each of these technologies either gave us new and more powerful ways to use the Internet, or brought the ‘Net closer to us in our daily lives. The result is that we’ve quickly become dependent upon many of these technologies as our lives have become more and more interactive.

The internet itself helped speed these technologies along. Technology tends to beget technology, and a technology that people find useful takes on a life of its own. We may look at something today and call it a novelty, but before we know it we’re placing the order or creating the account, and catching up to the early adopters. This list provides a pleasant bit of nostalgia, but it also teaches us to be nimble. The next 25 game-changing technologies likely will take far less than ten years to proliferate.

View presentation: http://bit.ly/bOxg0x

An Interactive World

Functioning interactively; hyper-connected; adapting, changing. An electronic world that empowers digital business is upon us. Don’t lose focus for a minute or you’ll be passed by.

Exciting, challenging, demanding, intriguing. Lots of new ideas to understand, even as this new world is itself being defined (and redefined).

Can we grasp technology? Leverage it? Make it pay?

In this space I’ll post tidbits and ideas that I find in my regular research, all related to doing business in a modern, connected world. Most posts include a note explaining why I think the subject matters. Please enrich the material by expressing your views and experiences. In the interactive world we’re all learning, and inventing, everyday. Enjoy!

-Don Breinlinger
IDS Interactive