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WordPress: Now Is the Time

WordPress is mainstream with almost 19% of the web using it, and its development is in high gear. We can expect three new releases by the end of this year alone. That’s the news from WordCamp, the annual WordPress conference.

WordPress’ features for the modern web just continue to grow, which makes it very attractive for bringing the company website up to current standards in one fell swoop. We’ve been onboard for the last few years and now recommend it regularly for clients. Just consider everything that comes with it:

  • Content management for in-house publishing
  • Media management
  • SEO management
  • Social media integration
  • Accessibility ready
  • Mobile ready with responsive design for tablets and mobile screens
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Hugely extensible
  • Readily adaptable for custom designs
  • Open source software with regular security and feature updates
  • Easy-to-learn interface and growing population of users with skills
  • Large development community for custom applications

And by the way, Automattic, the company behind WordPress, just received $50MM of new financing that will push the platform even further.

If it’s time for an upgrade of your company’s web strategy, consider WordPress. It’s mainstream now, and will take you to the front of current web capabilities faster than anything else available today.

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Google’s Latest Products Make Video Collaboration Easy

Video is at the forefront of technologies that both enable enhanced communication and serve as a viable business tool on the web.  With Google’s latest product announcements it’s evident that collaboration within all forms of businesses will soon be best conducted online using video. It’s now possible to transmit high-quality sound and images to remote locations so that disparate parties can work together. No longer is video communication hampered by the restraints of bandwidth and machine capability. The resulting efficiencies allow the best people to work as if in the same room regardless of location. Add to this web-based collaboration tools and cloud storage and the need to travel is almost completely wiped out.

The following article points out how Google’s new products, specifically Chromecast, Hangouts, and the Nexus 7, make video the tool of choice for these kinds of collaborations. Think of the possibilities of consulting with ad hoc teams from anywhere in the world — or within your own locale — to assemble on short notice, work on ongoing projects, or bring in special expertise. The time is right for businesses to get up to speed on these kinds of video and collaboration tools.

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