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The Post PC Era

 “Post-PC Era: a social and technological phenomenon in which computing experiences become ubiquitous, casual, intimate, and physical.”

It’s upon us. But why the big deal. Does anyone really “like” PCs? Yes, they help us do lots of creative, productive things — when they work. And computing power keeps increasing while the chips they run on get smaller and smaller, just as it always has. Isn’t it just a matter of time before we can have an entire system with terabytes of data embedded into a wristwatch? So why the hype?

But of course, it’s not as simple as that. With heightened technology comes shifts in the way we do things. And when this happens on a mass scale, business, society, and culture all end up changing as well, and not always without some pain.

“Tablets are breakthrough devices. You can see that in the way that people have adopted them into their daily lives. Their deep functionality and highly attractive form (plus the cool quotient of simply being seen with one) have made tablets a normal element in many backpacks, briefcases, and fancy purses, and with good reason: with the iPad and the many other tablet offerings, we finally see the transition of computing ability away from being a distinct activity (“I’m going to the living room to surf the web”) to simply being a thing we can do whenever, wherever, and whyever we want.”

The Post PC Era means that more people will be connected and have access to in-depth information more of the time, on smaller and cheaper (and hopefully easier to use) devices. And it will come faster than anyone expects. It’s upon us.

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