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NPR Axes User Comments, Shines Light on User Behavior

NPR’s axing of comments on its articles provides a few take-aways:

  • Readers are commenting on articles less and less and preferring discussions on social media more and more.
  • Commenters are becoming more vile and difficult to police.
  • Commenting systems are expensive to maintain, which becomes more of a problem with decreasing numbers.
  • The news world, and the web in general, continues to observe and adjust and people utilize technologies in new or unexpected ways.

As has been said, ‘there’s no there there,’ and this applies to the internet as well. There are few online absolutes. Behaviors, patterns and standards are all subject to change in today’s high-speed tech society. That’s why modern business must be lean and agile, and quick to learn and change.

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The Battle for the Future

A heated battle for the future is underway, and forces are aligned around the ongoing court battle between Apple and Samsung. Apple is ticked, claiming Google’s Android OS is basically a copy of Apple’s iOS. Steve Jobs has even famously vowed to use all of Apple’s cash (about $80B or so) to “destroy Android.” Some untapped rage over Microsoft’s copycat Windows OS and Apple’s failure to stop it is probably still at work. Eight Samsung phones were held up as examples, and now a $1B judgment has been handed down against Samsung.

Repercussions from this case are just beginning. Google, now in danger of losing worried phone makers as customers for its system, is suing Apple. Meanwhile, Microsoft is jumping for joy trying to decide how to woo those same makers to its system.

“I think this will force a reset on Android products as they are re-engineered to get around Apple’s patents,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the tech consultancy Enderle Group.

“[It should also] provide a stronger opportunity for both of Microsoft’s new platforms – Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 – because they come with indemnification against Apple, suddenly making them far safer.”

These behemoths believe that what’s really at stake here who will own mobile, as if that’s a desirable outcome for anyone other than one of these companies. We’ve seen it before — who will own search? who will own browsers? who will own e-commerce? etc., etc., etc. Billions of dollars go to lawyers, settlements are eventually made, and the world goes on. I can’t blame companies for protecting their intellectual property, but when the goal is to rule the world, no one wins.

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Seventy-five Percent Of Online Americans Look For News On the Web

This is not surprising, especially as mobile devices of all kind proliferate (smartphones, tablets, netbooks). What will be interesting is how news gathering organizations (formerly known as newspapers) adapt and accommodate advertisers.

Newspaper delivery workers might want to start job hunting. A new study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project indicates that getting news online is one of the leading – and quickly rising – activities among online Americans.

Pew’s Generations Online in 2010 report surveyed Americans from 12 to over 74 years old to find out which activities dominate their time online. Email and search marketers may be glad to learn that checking inboxes and using search engines were the two leading online activities, respectively.

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