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IBM Embraces Design, Puts Customers First

IBM has embraced design as a core value to the extent that they’re retraining the entire company to “think design.” This is an interesting transformation of corporate philosophy that puts customers first in an effort to create more value.

“Designers bring [an] intuitive sense … and understand the power of delivering a great experience and how to treat a user as if they were guests in their own home,” says Phil Gilbert, chief design evangelist. The design program allows the $143 billion company to be more strategic and shift away from the engineering-driven “features-first” ethos towards a more “user first” mentality. “It allows us to solve real problems for real people …”

This is a massive effort that involves retraining the entire company as well as hiring reams of design talent to lead the “design first” initiative. But if you believe the notion that companies that provide the best experience for customers will win, a commitment to a sound 21st century strategy like this should pay off well.

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Type, and Digital Design

Designing for digital requires efficiency, consistency, and clarity — all to make it easy for people to do things. This makes sense when you consider that digital interfaces need to work at the speed of thought. That’s why people prefer clicking to scrolling. It’s also why movie cuts work, since they mimic eye movements. Digital interfaces need to be designed so that people can glance, scan, feel for hierarchy, and find things in expected ways. It’s what we mean when we say a digital experience is ‘intuitive.’

Typography is a huge part of visual communication. A small but important part of typography is ‘letter case,’ which is how capital and small letters are used to convey meaning. This article looks at Title Case vs. Sentence Case, and provides some nice insights on how each can be used. Hope this helps enhance your next design!

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Graphic Design Insights

Graphic design. Almost everyone wants to do it. And with a laptop and a design program almost anyone can. But is it good? The fact is, design is such an important part of almost everything we do, from planning your day to putting on an event, to writing software. Designers will tell you design is about solving problems. It’s the result of thoughtful consideration of purposes, audiences, tools and constraints.

Here’s a thoughtful interview with someone who’s designed hundreds of movie titles, that provides insights and reveals some of the subtleties of the craft.

Full article with video: http://bit.ly/2aja4xn