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Q: Are Web Apps the Future of Websites? (A: Yes)

As we become more of a mobile society, with respect to the computer and communications devices we use, everything becomes smaller. This includes the time expected to complete tasks, the amount of time we’re allowed to be unavailable, the keyboards and screens we use, and the applications necessary to do our work. The Age of Apps is upon us. Due to the great success of iPhone apps we can now expect to see AppStores everywhere: the MacApp Store, the ChromeApp Store, the AdroidApp Store, and app stores from probably every telecom, computer platform and device maker known to humankind.

Why have Apps become all the rage? Very simply, people want to do things on the go. Apps provide functionality in a nicely portable form with a wonderful simplicity. Most apps do a single function very well. They’re easy to install and use, and in a large way exemplify what people have always wanted from computers. With this in mind, the following article will make a lot of sense. Businesses need to start thinking of how they can offer their content and functionality as simple apps that people can use on-the-go.

In the mid-2000s, many of us still had to “go online” – meaning if we wanted to use Internet services like e-mail or read content published in a blog, we needed to get to a computer connected to a network (or attached to a modem).

That doesn’t really happen anymore. Or, at least, it’s happening less and less. We now travel about our real world surrounded by a bubble of data and functionality that is always available to us. And, since we have ditched the spending-time model in favor of the doing-tasks model, we should expect that the organization of functionality and content should change as well.

No one had to persuade people to start using apps (unlike the unrelenting “education” of consumers regarding 3D TV). The demand has always been there. Now there’s a way to deliver the goods via portable devices. People like having their data and functionality with them. Smart businesses will take note and begin finding ways to provide customers with the information and capabilities they want.


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Seventy-five Percent Of Online Americans Look For News On the Web

This is not surprising, especially as mobile devices of all kind proliferate (smartphones, tablets, netbooks). What will be interesting is how news gathering organizations (formerly known as newspapers) adapt and accommodate advertisers.

Newspaper delivery workers might want to start job hunting. A new study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project indicates that getting news online is one of the leading – and quickly rising – activities among online Americans.

Pew’s Generations Online in 2010 report surveyed Americans from 12 to over 74 years old to find out which activities dominate their time online. Email and search marketers may be glad to learn that checking inboxes and using search engines were the two leading online activities, respectively.

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