Add to Cart, or Add to Basket? Why It Matters

Should the button read, “add to cart,” or “add to basket?” Designers often struggle, trying to do something new, something more accurate, or something just for the sake of doing someting. None of this matters to users though, who just want conventions, consistency and simplicity so they can do what they need to do on the web without having to think. Once someone has to think, an interface is no longer intuitive and we provide a great reason for people to click elsewhere. But if you respect users’ desire to “scan, click, and go,” you’ll delight them with the experience. Be careful about breaking conventions and you’ll avoid tripping up your visitors.

Changing your button label from ‘Cart’ to ‘Bag’ isn’t helpful if the former is what users are more familiar with. Designers think ‘Bag’ is more technically correct if their store doesn’t use carts. But being legalistic doesn’t get you the high conversion rate. Speaking the user’s language does.

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