Content Strategy

Search, social, penguin, panda … a website requires a content strategy today, and someone to oversee it.

When you consider that people have been on the web for content since day one, it’s amazing that content hasn’t gotten the premier position it deserves until now. But that’s what social media has done. Sharing content via social networks increases its value exponentially through the power of recommendation. If a user says something is good it carries much more weight than if a brand, media outlet, agency, or salesperson says so. And content can literally be anything, whether it’s hot off the press or exhumed from the archives. A creative touch can put value on anything and it becomes content.

“a head of Content Strategy, Creation and Distribution … should be at least vp level and report to the CMO. It makes sense that this person live in marketing, but he or she is going to have to build relationships and bridges to every part of the organization and teach companies to think about all published materials as content. Very importantly, they must evangelize the importance of content in driving business results and help the entire company think about whether or not a piece of content is worth sharing.”

Soon all the social networks will want to use your likeness and words to place implied recommendations on anything that’s for sale. The further your content can be shared — or the more shareable content you can publish — the more social-power will come into play in your sales process. Every website today needs, no, requires a content strategy, and someone to drive it. Think “content.”

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