Figuring Out Twitter

Twitter is one of today’s biggest and most important, and most talked about, social networks. But how do we use it in business? The answer escapes many people who expect social media to provide instant access to customers and an immediate flow of business. The fact is, Twitter is a town square, or “water cooler” experience. You go there to talk, listen, share and learn. Social media is a place to make connections. Business derived from those connections takes time to develop, and typically goes to people who’ve become skilled in the medium. New users must cultivate those skills to use Twitter in a way that helps them.

The advice for marketers is simple. Make sure you’re ready for a long Twitter tenure (that is, don’t sign up today and complain about not many followers tomorrow). Participate in specific discussions and with target groups by using hashtags and following lists. Reply back to people who you find interesting and compelling. Twitter is made for talking, but everyone likes to hear something back. Pay very close attention to trending topics and engage the moment you see something at all relevant to your brand.

There’s a lot to learn about using Twitter. There’s also the concern that you’ll be left behind if you’re not using social media in some capacity. Check out the following article, and then think about what you need to do to start executing a social strategy.

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