Google+ and Facebook Roadmaps

The two largest social networks are “embracing opposite strategies, but heading to the same place: To add social intelligence to everything you do.” This is the current state of affairs as FB shrinks and G+ expands. Facebook will create (or buy) more products, like Message, Poke or Instagram, while Google consolidates its many products around Google+. The idea is to leverage the massive data mills each company owns to serve ads wherever people decide to go next, if not necessarily their own mega-social network. For example, Facebook’s user data can work to target ads on any of their products without users knowing that FB is at work behind the scenes.

Each company is trying to attract the maximum number of eyeballs and serve up extremely relevant, highly personalized ads on both desktop and mobile. In order to be all things to all people, each needs lots of services, products and apps, but all tied together with each company’s social signals and identity. To achieve this, Facebook needs a lot more products and a lot more “artificial intelligence,” which are initiatives the company has explicitly said they’ll take. Google needs to take the many products it’s already got and make them a lot more connected to its social and identity information.So although each company appears to be headed in the opposite direction, they’re really competing for the same destination: To add social intelligence to everything you do, plus add identity to everything you do so they know who they’re servicing up ads to, while also enabling purchases.

Interesting article that shows how the social networks will eventually make online advertising even more important, versatile and effective.

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