iDevices and iCloud Portend a PC-less Future For Consumers

Forgive my continued references to Apple, but they’re the ones with The Vision. There are many companies out there with the potential to harness technology in ways that transform our world, but only Apple has done so consistently. With their talent, connections, and money, Apple has become THE company to watch.

The following article makes a good case that the latest step in Apple’s ongoing iStrategy, announced this week at their annual developers’ conference, will result in the decline of the PC industry and the ascendance of burgeoning mobile. Consumers are showing a strong preference for portable devices that are easy to use and maintain. Tech geeks may want total control over their devices, but consumers couldn’t care less. Consumers want things that work — and do cool, useful everyday stuff. Why is it that only Apple seems to understand this?

Smart phones and tablets are much easier to use than PCs and many, many mobile, hand-held Apple Internet device users will abandon their PCs. Microsoft will be in a cleft stick.

iDevices coupled with the iCloud service, promises to give consumers easy access to their everyday data from all their devices. If this works out, it will likely be that consumers will embrace mobile solutions the same way they’ve embraced other Apple ideas, all the way back to the Apple II. Why is this? Because Apple has never departed from The Vision: make it useful, easy, reliable, and cool, and they will buy.

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