Making a Website Intuitive

People don’t want to think, they want to buy! Making a website intuitive makes it a delight to use, which creates a great experience and increases the likelihood of conversion.

In an intuitively designed webpage, the constituent elements are built and organized in such a way that the user can access information, navigate and transact naturally and effortlessly. Intuitive design is inconspicuous, but not necessarily unremarkable.

In an effort to make sites aesthetically pleasing, designers often sacrifice usability. This is a crime, considering that if the user does not find a clear value proposition within the first 10 seconds, they are very likely going to bail out. The site needs to make its purpose obvious through its design.

This article provides some ideas about how you can make your website more intuitive, design better calls to action, and delight visitors by making it easy for them to find what they want and complete a transaction.

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