Opting Out of Verizon Tracking

Many people don’t mind websites monitoring their online activity to present ads in context that are relevant to their interests. Some people, however, don’t care to be tracked, especially when it’s the device makers who are doing the tracking. Recently it’s been discovered that Verizon has adopted this practice, and enough people have spoken out against it that Verizon has announced a means to opt-out (opted-in is the device default).

Last year, Verizon and AT&T made headlines when researchers discovered they had been engaging in some unsavory customer tracking techniques, using unique identifier numbers or “perma-cookies” to track the websites that customers visited on their cellular devices to deliver targeted advertisements, a practice called “Relevant Advertising.”

The following article details how to opt-out for Verizon users that choose to do so. But it looks like having our every move online tracked is the new normal.

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