Reports of Apple’s Death, Exaggerated

When a skyrocket starts to falter, that’s news, I suppose. Apple’s seemingly unstoppable run got snagged last Fall when it’s stock price began a drop of over 40% . Theories flew about, but really, what company could possibly keep up the rate of success that Apple has had in recent years?

In the following article, which is actually a recap of Apple’s recent developers conference, some rock-solid numbers are given:

[Apple] continues to dominate mobile and personal computing, capturing 57 percent of global profits in the smartphone industry—to the tune of $7.1 billion—in the first quarter, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. It commands nearly 40 percent of all tablet profits, more than the next four competitors combined, according to IDC. Mobile-browser company Opera Software (OPERA) says iOS users are responsible for nearly 45 percent of Web traffic on mobile devices, while the Android devices that outnumber them account for 31 percent.

Apple is still churning out profits, and it’s cash reserve is the stuff of legend. But they are vulnerable. Over 70% of their revenue comes from just two product lines, iPhones and iPads. An able competitor with a new idea that registers with consumers could send Apple into a genuine tailspin. That is unless Apple has something new up their sleeve that becomes the next industry-changing, “must have” hit. Come to think of it, that’s probably Wall Street’s beef — Apple hasn’t “changed the world” in over two years now. Something must be wrong with them …

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