Why Smartphones Matter

Since the launch of the iPhone, smartphones have become a mass media platform. The reason? Smartphones bring all the information gathering and communications tools a person needs in a tiny device. With a smartphone, a shopper can compare prices and get product reviews while in a store’s aisles. News, traffic, weather, entertainment — it’s all there. And the ability to instantly be in touch (or not) with others, inbound or outbound, through numerous media (voice, email, text, social media) is astounding. Conceivably, one day we’ll be able to dock a smartphone to a desktop terminal that is driven by the OS, apps, and data we’re carrying with us.

Because of the utility and portability of smartphones, we can easily imagine that one day they’ll be carried by almost everyone. As the link below shows, those who carry smartphones already lead the mobile world in browser use — just one more category in which smartphones lead. Considering that a smartphone is the only computer people own in many parts of the world, this is a platform that businesses will want to engage. Check out the short article below that talks about how people use smartphones today, and then think about what value you can bring to your market through this portable platform.

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