Instagram’s New Business Tools

We’ve seen marketing steadily make the move to digital since the first banners ads appeared on websites in the 1990s. Newspapers, and especially classified ads, were the first to feel the full impact of the changes brought about by digital marketing and its inherent characteristics of interactivity, data capture, and with Google AdWords, search-based advertising. Today, TV, which is currently the number one advertising medium in terms of dollars spent, is seeing it’s growth steadily decline, especially as the move to mobile advertising follows the exploding growth of the use of those devices. In fact, analysts expect TV to lose the top spot by 2019.

Last week, Instagram became the latest social network to offer tools for business as part of its service. Budgets for online advertising are growing and it’s time for companies of all sizes to begin to understand which digital marketing options are available so they can choose and implement them effectively. The move to digital is on. See you on Instagram?

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