$249 Google Chromebook Puts Everything In the Cloud

Google’s new cloud computer, actually a lightweight laptop, comes out this week. The idea is that your applications and data all live on Google’s servers. You just take this cheap little device around and work, communicate and collaborate whenever and wherever you want. I think it will be a hit, especially if third parties are allowed to write apps for it. Undoubtedly the Chrome OS will need some time to mature, but this could be very big, especially for  schools, small businesses and those on the other side of the “digital divide.”

Google this week took the wraps off a pair of ultralight Chromebook computers, both of which will be manufactured by Samsung and outfitted with the Chrome operating system – not Mac OS or Windows. The newest Chromebook is set to ship at two price points: $249 for a Wi-Fi-only edition and $329 for a 3G version.

“Chrome OS eliminates the hassles of manually updating applications over time; the platform’s Web-based apps all update seamlessly on their own, just like the OS,” Raphael writes. “You don’t have to deal with messy drivers and software conflicts or worry about virus protection, either.

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