Password Overload and Security Fatigue

Security is probably the biggest problem with the race to move everything about our lives online that can be moved online. Medical records, police records, work records, purchasing records, our movements, preferences, reading, TV watching, and on and on. Much of this is supposed to be private information, which means it’s available only via secure login. The reality is, however, that hackers seem to be able to access our information with relative ease, whereas we, the users, have to manage/remember a boat load of passwords in order to use our own information. The need to track, manage, update and vigilantly watch over all our accounts has given rise to the latest tech disease, security fatigue.

Security fatigue is defined in the study as a weariness or reluctance to deal with computer security. … The multidisciplinary team learned that the majority of their average computer users felt overwhelmed and bombarded, and they got tired of being on constant alert, adopting safe behavior, and trying to understand the nuances of online security issues.

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